Identification of Dyslexia

The ongoing debate within the dyslexia community about identification of this learning difference and responses to intervention will be explored in greater detail during Professor John Gabrieli’s talk at the BDA International Conference. We are very proud to present Professor Gabrieli as one of our eminent keynote speaker’s; his work is internationally celebrated!  He is … Continue reading Identification of Dyslexia


IC 2018 – Parents’ & Carers’ Day

Parents' Day – Saturday 14th April 2018, will be a fantastic event! This will be a chance to listen to experts and ask any questions as the IC opens its doors to the community!  Purchase a ticket here. Find out more about our brilliant event by visiting the IC 2018 website! The Parents' IC Day … Continue reading IC 2018 – Parents’ & Carers’ Day

IC:2018 themes: Check out the timetable here!

The IC carries many themes and topics. With an overall theme of ‘Evidence to Practice and Back Again’ this conference has a greater emphasis on the links between research and good practice. Themes and strands that will run through the conference this time around include: Literacy learning, Dyscalculia, Neurodiversity, Positive Dyslexia, Adults and Dyslexia, Workplace … Continue reading IC:2018 themes: Check out the timetable here!

EXPO at the IC! A chance to experience marketplace like no other!

Many are asking why we have highlighted the EXPO element of IC:2018?  As well as the cutting edge research and practical tips, this conference aims to provide a marketplace of experts, resources and products! There will be plenty of resources to sample, chat through with the experts, as well as purchase over the 3 days.  … Continue reading EXPO at the IC! A chance to experience marketplace like no other!

Mathematics and Dyscalculia at the IC!

Mathematical Difficulties and Dyscalculia has always been strongly represented at the International Conference, and 2018 will be no exception. Professor Daniel Ansari will lead the way with his keynote talk on Thursday 12th April: ‘Building blocks of mathematical competence: evidence from brain and behaviour’.  Professor Ansari joins us from University of Western Ontario in Canada, … Continue reading Mathematics and Dyscalculia at the IC!

Positive Dyslexia

Positive Dyslexia, exploring Neurodiversity and the ‘Dyslexia Advantage’ in adults will be a focus of IC 2018, amongst many other topics. Saturday 14th April 2018, will be a day exploring in greater detail some of those important issues. As we work towards that date, have you explored the BDA’s new initiative around our Networking Toolkit … Continue reading Positive Dyslexia