Co-occurring Learning differences at the International Conference

Autism and Dyslexia will be explored in greater detail at the International Conference with Dr. Manual Casanova’s cutting edge research on cortical connectivity and mini-columns has dramatically helped pave the understanding of the neurobiological differences and strengths of the dyslexic brain.

Casanova’s research indicates that the dyslexic brain is one which is wired and connected for big picture, interdisciplinary thinking.  His session entitled: Dyslexia and Autism: Neuroanatomical Findings Pointing Towards a Spectrum of Cognitive Abilities, will expand on recent neuroanatomical findings on the cerebral cortex that help explain a cognitive continuum into discrete neurodevelopmental conditions (i.e., autism and dyslexia).

Within a given species, a range of observable cognitive characteristics vary according to how the cerebral cortex and its connections are structured. In humans, variations in the shape and dimensions of minicolumns (i.e., the microprocessor of the cerebral cortex) affect both the bias of short and long white matter projections, as well as the level of integration versus independence of different brain regions. Ultimately, this integration versus independence is responsible for the expression of behavioural traits in characteristically specific ways, e.g., top-down vs. bottom-up processing, detail- vs. holistically oriented, good analyzer vs. good synthesizers.

Of significance, many of the above related structural findings can now be quantitated as a potential means for establishing early diagnosis.  Join us for this fascinating session and find out what else we have to offer at the International Conference in April!

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