Discover what Saturday has to offer at the BDA International Conference 2018!

Saturday 14th April 2018 will focus on adults and dyslexia. It will also see our Parent’s Day run!

One of our keynotes on Saturday will be Professor Amanda Kirby, talking on ‘Dyslexia – into and in employment – latest understanding from research and practice’. Her talk will explore issues around employment and dyslexia. The UK government  in 2017 described the need to reduce the employment gap for people with disabilities (81% of non-disabled people in work compared to 49% with disabilities). While this statistic encompasses all disabilities, there is some evidence of the economic, social, and health impacts of being unemployed with Dyslexia and co-occurring neurodiverse conditions.

At the same time, there remains little research into the benefits of employment, and considering the contextual support that may be required for some.  This presentation aims to bring together the current literature and offer some research questions that need to be answered to gain a deeper understanding. It will highlight practical approaches that have been used to enhance employability and harness skills. This will be presented from employer and employee/family perspectives.

There will be chance to ask Professor Kirby questions at the end, and of course, meet her during her time with us, as delegates and experts network during our events and at break times.  We look forward therefore to welcoming Professor Kirby as she joins us from University of South Wales.

Our sponsors are:

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