EXPO at the IC! A chance to experience marketplace like no other!

Many are asking why we have highlighted the EXPO element of IC:2018?  As well as the cutting edge research and practical tips, this conference aims to provide a marketplace of experts, resources and products!

There will be plenty of resources to sample, chat through with the experts, as well as purchase over the 3 days.  We felt that this time around, we wanted to put the IC exhibitors at the heart of the conference, and we have done just that, in the magnificent great exhibitor hall space at Telford International Centre.

We will also run some demo sessions during the conference, so our delegates can see the products in action and ask the experts.  Scanning Pens, one of our sponsors for IC:2018 will have a strong presence at the conference, listen to Scanning Pens CEO, Jack Churchill talk about why IC:2018 will be a great event by clicking here!

Sponsored by:


MicrosoftsquareScanning Pens Logo.png 123


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