IC 2018 Sponsor: Scanning Pens

One of the key reasons that people cite for becoming a teacher is that they “want to make a difference” and often when you talk to an individual, who is dyslexic, that has been successful they will often cite the influence of one person, sometimes a teacher, who made that difference.

It’s therefore equally thought provoking that when you speaking to someone who has moved into specialist teaching they have done so out of a drive and a passion to understand the individuals that they are working with better and therefore make a positive difference!

In order to make this difference knowledge is key. Whether you are a teacher with 40+ years of experience or a NQT or a student teacher each individual you work with teaches us as much as we teach them. Developing our skills, knowledge and understanding is at the centre of what it means to be a good teacher.

The BDA’s International Conference provides an exceptional opportunity for all teachers whatever their level of experience to develop greater knowledge that can be translated into classroom practice so that we can make that difference to those who we teach. The International Conference 2018 is sponsored by Scanning Pens;  with their rich heritage of supporting teachers and learners, their equipment can really make a difference !  Listen to Jack Churchill of Scanning Pens, talk about the products and the International Conference by clicking here.

We look forward to welcoming you and the team at Scanning Pens to IC:2018!

For more information about the BDA’s International Conference please click here!


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