B.D.A. IC 2018 Keynote Speaker: Professor Daniel Ansari

As we all peel ourselves off our sun loungers or admire our completed “summer” DIY projects and start to think about the new academic year hopefully some of us will be re-energised and buoyed up with enthusiasm. Here at the BDA we are always aware of the combinations of challenges that are faced by many individuals. Therefore at the BDA International Conference (12th – 14th April 2018, at The International Centre, Telford) we always try and take into account the range of neuro-diversity. As such Maths difficulties will again feature within our programme. We are extremely fortunate that we have Professor Daniel Ansari as one of our keynote speakers.

If you have ever wondered how we learn to do maths or perhaps more importantly why some people don’t then this is your man! Professor Ansari has undertaken extensive research using brain imaging techniques to identify how children’s brains process numbers, and how that brain activation changes with age. By doing that, he discovered how children’s brains process numerical information differently than adults’ brains, thus highlighting the importance of development. This discovery also explored the question of how these developmental processes go awry in children who have difficulties with maths. This is clearly going to be a keynote speaker not to be missed and one that will provide a unique insight into this area upon which support and intervention strategies can be developed and implemented.

For more information about the BDA’s International Conference please click here.


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